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Who We Are

Missing Gray is a premier Northern California country band that continues to impress. With a unique sound featuring Sara Gibson and Andrew Eberley as lead vocalists, they play a mix of generational country music and well-known songs across other genres as well as powerful original music. Brandon Comarsh and Jared Thornton on drums and bass respectively know how to keep the beat going strong, and newest member, Rob Murphy, brings his years of experience and undeniable talent on lead and steel guitar to the mix.


Missing Gray has a sound that carries hints of the sweet classic country era with a fresh twist, with their influences ranging from George Strait to Little Big Town to new artists like Morgan Wallen. They've garnered a large local following in a short amount of time, packing local venues to standing room only.


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Where To See Us Live

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Crystal Salt


Paint Strokes

Word On The Street

"Missing Gray is sheer delight. If you’re not tapping your foot by the first chorus, you might not have feet to tap. In which case, you will be clapping. And if your heart doesn’t leap at the sound of Sara Gibson’s beautiful voice, you might not have a heart. In which case, sit and listen a while longer, and you will grow one."

Patricia V. Davis, Best selling author

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